A Blooming Year Round Garden

Photo Credit: Chrysanthemum flower - Brian Valentine - Flickr

Flowers, wonderful flowers, and they always make you feel so good.  They are beautiful growing in the garden or as cut flowers in your home. So, how great it would be to have your own flowers growing all year round.

An experienced gardener knows how to plan and schedule his plantings, and the choice of plants so that flowers will be blooming all year round.  The beginner gardener need not be disheartened, you can easily find out how you can do this for your garden as well.

Firstly, you need to know your plants, some plants can withstand cold and frost some cannot.  Some plants can withstand extreme heat and full hot sun and others cannot.  These are the two extremes of temperatures.  Next you take all the the seasons into consideration.  Once you understand this, you then have to know your plants.  Now,  you will be able to choose your plants accordingly.  Thankfully, seed packets come with wonderful information and instructions, so it makes it easy for you to plant them correctly and at the right time.

Continue over to the following page to find some great suggestions for plants that will flower in your garden throughout the seasons.