How To Have A Great Garden

Photo Credit: Raised Bed Vegetable Garden - normanack - Flickr

Healthy lifestyles are becoming more and more popular as the organic trend continues to spread out. In order for someone to live a holistic lifestyle, and obtain the desired health benefits, they usually have to learn to grow their own herbs and vegetables. They have to know how to start and maintain an organic garden. Read on to glean some new organic ideas to grow your own food..

Turn the handles of tools you have on hand into rulers to make measurements in your garden. As a beginner gardener try to own tools that can be used for more than one task. Simply lay the handles out on the floor and run a measuring tape next to them. Paying close attention to the measurements, use a black marker to establish each interval along the handle’s side in a clearly visible manner. When you are at work in the garden, you will always have a handy measuring device on each and every tool

The correct soil will make a big difference in how your garden grows. The type of plants you’re planning to grow will determine the type of soil you need. Some plants need an alkaline soil and some need a more acidic soil. However, most plants need a rich soil with compost, manure and organic matter added.


When you’re out and about in the garden, particularly in the fall, keep an eye out for bugs. They love to inhabit peppers, beans, tomatoes and all kinds of fruit varieties. If you do not check, they do a lot of damage to plants so try to get rid of them.

Bulbs will give you wonderful flowers that you can enjoy in early spring and right through the summer. Planting and growing bulbs is very simple, and once planted they will grow for years. Different types of bulbs bloom at different times, so if you choose appropriately, you can have blooms from early spring to late summer.

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