Some Gardening Ideas and Tips

Photo Credit: Backyard Garden - Carl Wycoff - Flickr

So you want to turn that space into a garden. That space could be in your backyard, the front of your house or along the sides. You’ve been thinking about it for some time now, but just never got any further with it. You know it’s time that you got your garden going. What are you waiting for. I know, you’re just not sure how to get started.

You could get started with a front garden.  A front garden definitely adds curb appeal.  It adds beauty and is a joy to come home to.  Many gardeners think that every home should have a front garden.

Photo Credit: Front Garden – JaysScratch – Flickr

Maybe if you had some ideas on how to start, what flowers and plants to choose, should you have a flower garden or a vegetable garden. Also, what layout would accommodate both flowers and vegetables.

Have you thought about planting a hedge?  Not all hedges take a long time to grow. Some plants that can be used as hedges also bear flowers and will be very attractive. Once a hedge gains some height and thickness, you can trim and shape, and if it has thorns it will also offer some security.

Photo Credit: Hedge – Twining Valley Nurseries – Flickr

A few ideas would definitely get you going.  This happens to so many people and it can be overwhelming if you have a considerable amount of space to work with, an oddly shaped space or a small space.

Photo Credit: Backyard vegetable garden – Woodley Wonder Works – Flickr

I found this video and loved the tips and information shared. The flowers are very colorful and the designs are easy and effective.