Watermelons In Pots

Photo Credit: Watermelon - Jim the Photographer - Flickr

Watermelons…. what a lovely, juicy, refreshing fruit.  Use it on its own or in a fruit salad, juice it by itself or juice it with other fruits and it is always wonderful, and very healthy.

Many gardeners would love to grow their own watermelons, but don’t because their garden is small.  However, that does not have to be a limitation.  You can grow your watermelons in pots.

Just set it up correctly, which means that you have to give support to the plants and the melons as they grow.  Mix a health rich soil, add your compost and water regularly.  You will certainly reap lovely melons from your pots placed on your balcony or in a corner of your garden.

Go over to the following page to read all about how to set up your pots to grow your watermelons.