Wow! Headless Cabbages

When we mention cabbage we always think of the lovely large leaves and the head, which is the cabbage. However, I recently had to console a friend who planted cabbage and got headless cabbage, he only got leaves.

I never buy cabbage in the supermarket as it is grown with too many chemicals, so that the cabbage does not have holes in it when it is brought to market. At least I came to realize that the more perfect it is the more chemicals it has received, so I never buy them. Well, my friend knew this so, when he planted his cabbages he was excited to tell me that I will soon have some cabbage to eat. Unfortunately the excitement turned to disappointment when we realized that the cabbages were headless. Nevertheless, I came home with cabbage leaves as I knew it was not grown with any harsh chemicals. I just needed recipes for cabbage leaves. So, never assume that all cabbages will grow and develop a head.

What caused the problem. It had to be poor soil and planting too many seeds in one container. Cabbage needs space to develop and rich well fertilized soil. Adding compost to the soil would have been great, lots of water and at least 6 hours of sunshine. Also, for cabbage, the soil pH should be between 6.5 and 6.8 for optimum growth.

Head over to the following page to watch a video with tips on planting cabbage.