Cauliflower Can Grow in Pots

When planting cauliflower you need rich soil to which compost or organic matter has been added. Some suggest that it may be better to start your cauliflower from transplants rather than from seeds. Lastly, a great reason to grow your own cauliflower is the price.  It can be a bit pricey to purchase, so grow your own.

The article below taken from Balcony Garden Web, gives great information on growing your own cauliflower in pots.

Planting cauliflower in containers

It is important to plant the variety that fits the season and climate you are living in. Cauliflowers can be planted anytime in frost free climate when the temperature is in the range of 50-85 F (10 C to 30 C). At the time when heads are maturing, the ideal temperature is around 60-70 F (15-20 C).

Generally, in warmer regions (USDA Zone 9 – 11), you can start to sow cauliflower seeds in fall and continue to sow the seeds until the end of winter. In cooler zones, it is better to sow the seeds until late winter and up to spring to get summer or fall harvest.


Sowing, transplanting, and planting is same as for the cabbages. Sow the seeds in a seed starting mix, 1 or 2 cm deep and 4 cm apart. Once the seedlings germinated and plants have 3 or 4 leaves, you can start growing cauliflower in containers.

Read the entire and very informative article at Balcony Garden Web.

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