10 Tips For Herb Growers

I’m sure you’ll get immense satisfaction from growing your own herbs. Nothing compares to going outside to pinch off a piece of some of your herbs to add to your cooking, or putting a lovely variety together to take for a friend.

I came across this very informative article on The Skinny Gourmet website which shares ten great tips  for new herb growers. I’m sure you’ll find them very helpful.

It surprises me how often I bump into friends who are flummoxed about some aspect of herb gardening. And strangely, I feel there are few practical guides to growing herbs on the internet for someone just starting out. Most of the advice is geared towards high end gardeners who can make sense of soil PH and whatnot. When I was starting out, what I really needed was some sort of herb gardening for dummies. So here is my quick and practical advice for growing herbs for beginners.

Mistake 1: Growing from seed. When you first start out trying to grow fresh herbs, I recommend you begin by trying to grow from seedlings rather than planting your own seeds. These great little starter plants are widely available in grocery stores in the late spring. For the same price as a packet of fresh herbs from the produce section, you can buy your own little starter plant. Lots can go wrong in the seed to seedling transition (including not thinning out plants properly), so its probably best to begin by skipping that complicated task or you are in danger of washing out before you really begin.

To read the full article head over to The Skinny Gourmet website.