A Blooming Year Round Garden

Every good gardener should have a good collection of books, magazines and subscribe to gardening clubs and newsletters.  You need resources for information.  By this time you’ve moved up from gardening as a hobby to being a serious enthusiastic gardener.

To help you further along on your journey, the article below written by Marty Ross, taken from Lowe’s website, talks about some of the flowers you can choose to be blooming in your garden all year round.  Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Everyone loves a garden bursting with a rich and exuberant symphony of blooms. But the progression of flowers through the seasons truly makes a garden shine. There are many glorious moments and months in Midwestern gardens.

Making a note of your favorite flowers’ bloom times allows you not only to savor the anticipation as the garden develops but also to orchestrate the show. If you know when flowers bloom, you can make sure there’s always something going on—and you can build on your knowledge to experiment with new plant combinations through the seasons.

Mental notes are good, but snapshots and a few observations jotted down on a calendar or in a document in your computer are even better. Let’s take a look through the seasons:

Spring into Bloom

Plant lots of spring-flowering bulbs in the fall and you’ll have a big spring splash to look forward to. Crocuses are the first to bloom. The show goes on through spring with scilla and many other small bulbs, followed by the showstopping daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. Plant tall alliums and you’ll have a constantly changing display of bulb flowers until roses bloom.

You can read the full article at Lowe’s.