Grow Your Own Roses

Photo Credit: Glistening Rose - Mark Kent - Flickr

One flower that is loved all over the world is a rose.  From the beginning of time roses were loved.  Poets loved to write about the beauty of a rose.

A rose is such a delicate and beautiful flower and has a wonderful fragrance.  Rose oil is used in perfumes or on its own.  Roses always make an awesome gift for any occasion.  Nothing says it like a dozen roses whether they are red, white, pink or yellow.

Many gardens have rose bushes covered in beautiful roses.  Roses come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Once you know the conditions and requirements to grow roses, you should start growing and enjoy having them in your garden.

Roses come in two categories – old roses and modern roses.  Roses grow well in containers or outside in the garden.  Most types of roses will grow well in rich soil which has compost, manure and/or organic fertilizer added.

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