OMG! I have Frogs In My Garden

Photo Credit: Frog - Goamick - Flickr

Many of us have been introduced to frogs by reading the story  about the princess and the frog. For most city dwellers, they will probably never ever see a live frog.

While digging in your garden, or moving large leaves that have fallen off your trees, or trimming and cutting back bushes, you will sometimes see frogs and toads. They will not harm you. However, it is usually a scare as once you disturb them they will sometimes jump and you just have to jump out of the way.

Do you want frogs and toads in your garden? Yes you do. They are great for your garden as they eat lots of the pests that can damage your plants. I came across a great article written by Rachel Arsenault, that talks about having frogs and toads in your garden over on the Blog, Grow A Good Life.

Go over to the following page to read a very interesting article on why frogs and toads are beneficial to your garden.