Hang Your Herbs To Dry

Drying your herbs is a very easy and simple procedure.  The article below, written by Lori Elliott from Our Heritage of Health website, gives some valuable information on how to go about drying your herbs.

Why It’s Best to Dry Your Own Herbs

1) It’s Cheaper

Drying herbs yourself is much cheaper than buying bottle of herbs in the store, especially if you grow perennial herbs in your garden. It takes a little bit of time and effort to harvest the herbs and to hang them up to dry, but it’s not really much more time than it takes to drive to the store, buy the herbs, and drive back home again, when you think about it.

If you grow perennial herbs, you have a one-time expense, and then you have a supply of fresh home-grown herbs year after year. My oregano plant, for example, keeps coming back strong every year, and it’s at the point now where I don’t even have to buy oregano anymore because my own backyard plant produces all I need.

Even if you don’t grow your own herbs, you can sometimes find fresh herbs for a great deal at farmer’s markets, farmstands, etc. Just a couple of weeks ago, the farm where I get my organic veggies started having pick-your-own herbs for $6 a pound. I gathered a whole big bunch of sage and thyme that only cost me $3 dollars and with just a little bit of work to dry them and bottle them up, I’ll have good-quality, organic herbs for a great price.

To read the entire article go over to Our Heritage of Health website.