Tea For Two

One very important point about serving herbs in any form, is that you need to know about the herbs since some herbs should not be mixed with certain medications and some should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

The very informative article below was written by Evelyn Gasper over on the website National Gardening Association.

Once I began blending and testing herb teas to sell under my Garden Party label, I knew what I didn’t want. An herb tea should never be flat and flavorless. Whether it’s fruity or spicy, soothing or lively, simple or sophisticated, it needs taste and personality.

I found my homegrown mint, lemon balm and chamomile were more flavorful than the herbal ingredients I could buy. I also learned that many of the old-fashioned beverage flavorers, such as rose petals and toasted sunflower hulls, are still delightful additions. And for simple pleasures, few things equal the fragrance and flavor of a few fresh leaves of lemon verbena steeped in boiling water.

To read this entire article, head over to the  National Gardening Association.