To Compost Or Not To Compost

Photo Credit: Compost after sieving - SuSanA Secretariat - Flickr

Once you begin to get enthusiastic about your gardening, you need to start thinking about using compost or start your own composting.  Gardeners are constantly talking about composting.

For beginner gardeners, you may be asking what is composting?  A simple answer is, composting is using household scraps, old leaves, freshly cut grass etc. to turn it into a rich, super nutrient material to feed all your plants. Not all household scraps are used.  No meat or cooked food, as this attracts, rodents and flies.  Think of it as recycling.

Is it a big decision to start making your own compost rather than buying commercially made compost?  Or, you may ask, can’t I just add fertilizers to my garden?  The answer is yes to both questions.  However,  it is generally agreed that the compost you make is the best compost for your garden.

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